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5 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
39 weeks 5 days
What is happening in week 5 of your pregnancy? You may notice mood swings and breast tenderness. Baby is now the size of a sesame seed.
Does the menstrual cycle affect sporting performance?
39 weeks 6 days
We investigate the impact that menstruation can have on the performance of competing sportswomen, both physically and psychologically.

Implantation: your pregnancy week by week
40 weeks 13 hours
What is happening in week 4 of your pregnancy? Your baby is measuring 0.078 inches - the size of a poppy seed. You may experience mild spotting...
Fertilization: your pregnancy week by week
40 weeks 5 days
What is happening in week 3 of your pregnancy? It is possible to 'feel' that you are pregnant soon after you have conceived, but there are very few...

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