In Vitro Fertilization Risks


The risks of in vitro fertilization are examined, specifically a new study that assesses the risks of ovarian cancer from in vitro fertilization (IVF), specifically the concern of it increasing caused by the hormone drugs used. The findings state that they do not put themselves at a higher than usual risk of cancer. And in fact it was found the risk for cancer was actually 25% lower.

On Infertile Ground - documentary

An award-winning crew of Canadian film-makers want to take the silence out of infertility.

The documentary 'On Infertile Ground' seeks to capture the emotional struggles and motivations of couples faced with infertility. Hundreds of hours of raw film have been recorded so far as the project unfolds.

The documentary will feature couples using Assisted Reproduction and Adoption. One segment will follow couples as they travel overseas for egg donation as well as discounted cyle treatments.